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A Message From the Executive Manager of My Tickets NYC

My Tickets NYC is located in Forest Hills, Queens and has a dedicated staff who are as concerned about your traffic tickets as if they were their own. Our attorneys have been handling tickets for over twenty years and are experienced in courts throughout New York State with affiliates in New Jersey. Our staff will take the frustration out of the experience. They will make the process simple and remove the burden from your daily routine. Give us a call or fill out an email form for a free non-obligatory case evaluation and see how we can make driving a pleasurable experience again.

Gavriel Robenov  – Manager

My Tickets NYC – Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Forest Hills, Queens, NY

My Tickets NYC

The legal staff at My Tickets NYC will defend your traffic tickets as diligently as they would their own. The attorneys at My Tickets NYC have over twenty years of experience in the traffic and civil courts throughout New York State. This ticket may be your first, but their attorneys have dealt with tens of thousands. They know how to develop successful defense strategies as well as the best way to fight and win for you! If you have received a ticket in New Jersey, My Tickets NYC has highly qualified affiliates there to help you. They know that fighting a ticket can take up much more time than one expects, upsets your daily routine and can be extremely frustrating.

Most people do not know all of the ramifications of pleading guilty or defending themselves in a traffic ticket matter. The attorneys at My Tickets NYC will fight to get your ticket dismissed. In severe cases where this is not possible, they will develop a strategy to ensure that your ticket will have the least possible effect on your life. Included in this strategy will be the points received, driver’s responsibility assessments, fees and the impact of the ticket on your insurance rates. They take the burden off of your shoulders and handle all the details for you. In most cases, they can represent you in court alleviating the hassle and time commitment to defend yourself. Their staff makes a frustrating, time-consuming process easy.  They handle the headaches, and you are free to pursue your daily routine.

When I received a hefty speeding ticket, I was upset and confused; consulting with My Tickets NYC allowed me to regain my sense of control. Their professional and courteous manner reassured me that I was within my rights to beat this ticket. Today there’s a smile on my face because the points and fine were drastically reduced. And all it took was one phone call. Thank you.

Mark G. – Queens, NY

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Give them a call at 917-426-2WIN (2946) or complete the e-mail form for a free non-obligatory case evaluation and see how My Tickets NYC can make driving a pleasurable experience again.

How can My Tickets NYC Help if you Receive a Carpool Lane Violation in Queens or NYS?

In the past, the attorneys at My Tickets NYC have been able to reduce and, in some cases, eliminate the ticket for a carpool lane violation in Queens, as well as NYS. The fines were reduced or, in some cases, eliminated which also avoided insurance hikes. To retain an attorney or have a free case consultation from My Tickets NYC regarding your carpool Lane violation in Queens or NYS call 917-426-2WIN (2946) or fill out the e-mail form – they can help!