Illegal Turn

I went to My Tickets NYC, for a ticket that I got for an illegal left turn in Brooklyn, I gave it to them, and they took care of it for me and their prices are very reasonable, and my ticket was dismissed

Emanuel Yakubov – Queens, NY

Cell Phone Ticket

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A few years ago I received a cell phone ticket. The fear of points and hiked premiums loomed before me. My Tickets NYC was able to completely dismiss the ticket without any points or fines.

Jeremy Blinder – Queens, NY

I recently got pulled over near my home in Kew Garden Hills, and received a cell phone ticket. I cannot tell you how nervous I was!! But after handing the case over to My Tickets NYC, the ticket was dismissed!!! No points, no problems!!!

R. Stern – Queens , NY

When I got off the phone with My Tickets NYC I was sooo relieved. These guys actually WON the case for me . My Tickets NYC are efficient, professional and very pleasant to deal with. Thank You!!

Yaacov Shalom – Staten Island, NY

I had a 5 point cell phone ticket. My Tickets NYC were honest and straight forward. They said they would try to beat it and they dismissed it. I would recommend them to beat your ticket, they will try their best.

Tony A. – Brooklyn, NY

I got a cellphone ticket on Queens Blvd. Handed it over to My Tickets NYC and they took care of it without any hassle. And I won the case!

A. O. – Kew Garden Hills, NY

I used My Tickets NYC on two separate occasions and both times received excellent service, and both times they were able to dismiss both tickets. I would definitely recommend anyone who receives a ticket to give them a call and experience the same success.

E.R. – Queens, NY

When I got pulled over for using a cell phone while driving, I feared the worst…. points, fine, and rising insurance rates. Thanks to My Tickets NYC and their team, I can sleep peacefully again. For a great price it was all taken care of and I didn’t have to pay any other fees, appear in court, or get involved in the legal details and arguments. They monitored the progress of the case and made sure no harm done. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs legal assistance!

Rabbi Dovid Mandel – Ottawa Torah Institute – Ottawa, Canada

My wife received a cell phone ticket in Long Island. We contacted MY Tickets NYC.  They quickly and efficiently handled every aspect of the case. And they won the case turning it into a parking ticket. We would very much recommend My Tickets NYC for a headache free service.

Aryeh Wars – Brooklyn, NY

I am so happy that I found you guys! My ticket was given to me the day after my wedding because I answered my phone while driving and the cop just gave me a ticket. Thanks to you guys, I got the case dismissed and thank G-d no points!!! And the ticket was 3 points!! I am so happy I found you guys!!!

Nash – Brooklyn, NY

6-Point Speeding Ticket

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When I got a speeding ticket with 6 points pending in New York city, my friends told me there was no way I could get it off. I saw an ad for My Tickets NYC and I gave them a call. They cared about my case and they were professional and honest throughout. Most importantly, when the court date came they had my ticket dismissed. No points. No fine. It was the best experience I could have possibly had! These guys are the real deal.

C.F. – Queens, NY

I had a 6 point speeding ticket on a bridge that I really thought there was no way of winning it I was guilty as charged. Somehow they beat it and I had no points and no fines. Thanks guys.

Aron I. – Queens, NY

4-Point Speeding Ticket

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Thank you for fighting my 4 pt speeding ticket. I could not have done it without you. Your expertise in traffic laws was extremely helpful in getting my ticket dismissed.

Yaakov Gifter – Staten Island, NY

Thank you so much! And as I said on the phone, I really appreciate everything you’ve done on my behalf. As my testimonial, you were not only professional; you were honest, informative, and accessible. Thank you for all your help.

M.B.W. – Queens, NY

3-Point Child Seat Ticket

Working with My Tickets NYC was a real pleasure. You made the process run smoothly and completely took the headache off my head; the next thing I knew was that the court date was yesterday and that my ticket was dismissed completely. Thanks a lot you guys are great.

Itshak C. – Brooklyn, NY

Tickets for Driving Wrong way, And Child Seat Belt

My Tickets NYC is a miracle worker, I myself was surprised how he got me cleared of all my tickets and violations.. 3 in total.. If there’s anyone that can get the job done its My Tickets NYC and their crew.. Always on top of everything and very easy to talk too and totally helpful…

Sam Yagud – Queens, NY

Tickets for Running A Stop Sign

My Tickets NYC is awesome! My Tickets NYC dealt with my tickets in a very patient and professional manner (even when I didn’t return their calls for days) and I felt comfortable the whole time that they were doing everything they could to help me out and take care of my tickets. They got my ticket off and saved me over $300! I hope to never get a ticket again, but if I do, I will definitely be calling My Tickets NYC again..

Avi N. – Los Angeles, California

Tickets for Running a Stop Sign, Driving without Insurance and Driving Without Registration

After unfortunately violating the driving laws. I turned to MY Tickets NYC. Where they were able to calm my nerves by taking over the responsibility of dealing with all the legal matters of my cases. I hope I don’t get any more violations, but if I do; I know where to turn. Thanks.

Jason Spielman – Queens, NY

Speeding Ticket

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When I received a hefty speeding ticket, I was upset and confused consulting with My Tickets NYC allowed me to regain my sense of control. Their professional and courteous manner reassured me that I was within my rights to beat this ticket. Today there’s a smile on my face because the points and from were drastically reduced. And all it took was one phone call. Thank you.

Mark G. – Queens, NY

The Best service money can buy!! Truly hard working staff and their results have proven it more than once.

Mr. Greg Sofiev – Queens, NY