We know how frustrating it is when you receive a parking ticket – we can help!

We know how frustrating it is when you receive a parking ticket – we can help!

Are Parking Tickets in NYC getting you down?
My Tickets NYC Refers All of Their Parking Tickets Clients to S & R Consultants – Call Them at 718-252-7285

When it comes to a parking ticket people often think it is a specific violation that can be dismissed but it is not. No matter what the violation is the summons is reviewed for its accuracy based on NYC rules and regulations as to how a summons needs to be written. In addition, S & R Consultants takes into consideration the circumstances of the driver when receiving the summons to see if it has merit in presenting a defense at the hearing. My Tickets NYC refers all of our parking ticket clients to S & R Consultants at 718-252-7285 because they are the best service to fight a parking ticket in New York City!

People often think that if the ticket is a scanned ticket (printed ticket) then there is no chance of getting it dismissed. This is not true, because since humans operate the scanners and often make mistakes when making entries that are the basis for a dismissal at a hearing.

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Why Call S & R Consultants for Parking Tickets In NYC ?

  • We have over 24 years of experience in the field
  • We handle all parking tickets (any ticket with an orange envelope) in Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island
  • We are registered with the City to dispute parking tickets
  • S & R Consultants treats your ticket as if it is our own ticket
  • Speak to a Parking Ticket Consultant not to a secretary
  • Our fees are fair and reasonable
  • If we do not save you money then there is no fee
  • Upon request we will monitor your plates on a regular basis and automatically schedule a hearing at no extra fee
  • We will go to court for you
  • If your ticket is found guilty we will hand deliver your check payable to NYC DOF to the cashier
  • Or if you prefer an online payment we will help you with the online transaction
  • We try to educate our clients on how to navigate the parking rules in NYC
  • We do a large volume of tickets issued to companies and commercial plates and will help you with our own developed driver’s affidavit which is easy to complete.

My Tickets NYC refers all of their Parking Ticket clients to S & R Consultants at 718-252-7285 – they will take great care of you!

Muni-Meter Parking Tickets In NYC

People get confused about muni-meter tickets. If the car is ticketed for not having a muni-meter receipt the driver has 5 minutes from the time the ticket was issued to buy a receipt and the summons will be dismissed. If there is an expired receipt on the dashboard then the driver has 5 minutes from the time the receipt expired to buy the second receipt and the summons will be dismissed. Even if the driver did not buy a receipt, S & R Consultants will review the summons and try to get it dismissed in person at a hearing.


There is no legal right for private cars to double park. People often call us because they think that they are allowed to double park during street cleaning times but this is not true. Some areas are known to have a courtesy of allowing their drivers to double park during street cleaning times but it is just a courtesy given in some of the precincts and not a legal defense in court on which to base a dismissal. So even if you get caught double parking, it would be a good idea to have a professional review the summons before paying it.


Do you have a photo red light ticket, bus lane ticket or speed zone ticket?

The photo tickets are harder to fight than the parking tickets but we will review the photos and videos for you and if S & R Consultants feels there is a case we will present the defense at a hearing on your behalf. There is no fee unless the summons is reduced or dismissed.

Can S & R Consultants Help You With Your Parking Tickets in NYC?

If you have a parking ticket anywhere in the 5 boroughs then it would pay to call S & R Consultants and show them your ticket. They will review it at no charge and give you an honest assessment of your situation. It doesn’t cost you anything to discuss your ticket with them and they can probably save you money. This is why My Tickets NYC refers their clients to them. You have 30 days from the date the summons is issued to respond without being charged a penalty by the City. S & R Consultants will request the hearing on your behalf and have the City put a penalty hold on the ticket so that it doesn’t go up in price while you are waiting for the results of the hearing. S & R Consultants will go to court for you so it doesn’t cost you time. All they need to get started is your ticket and a copy of your registration. So don’t hesitate a moment more and call them at 718-252-7285.

If you would like to e- mail S. & R. Consultants regarding your parking tickets in NYC please click the e-mail address below.