If you receive a ticket for a carpool lane violation… we can help!

If you receive a ticket for a carpool lane violation… we can help!

What is the Penalty for Carpool Lane Violation in Queens & NYS?

A carpool lane violation in Queens or anywhere in New York State refers to the illegal use of a high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane. A carpool lane violation falls under New York State Vehicle and Traffic Laws (VTL) Section 1110(a). If you receive a ticket for a carpool lane violation, you will receive 2 points and be required to pay a fine of over $100.

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What Exactly are the Carpool Lane Violation That I See Around Queens & NYS and What is the Violation?

A carpool lane (the technical term is HOV lane) is a special lane reserved for the use of carpools, vanpools, and buses. They are well marked and almost always next to the lanes that don’t have any restrictions. Carpool lanes are identified as “2+” or “3+” which refers to the minimum number of occupants in a vehicle that can legally use this lane to  bypasses the traffic in the unrestricted-use lanes. If you are using the HOV lane with less than the minimum number of people required, you might receive a carpool violation.

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How Does a Carpool Lane Work?

Carpool lanes are intended to give commuters to share a car or ride the bus. The system gives people who share a ride with one, two or more people (depending on the road) access to the carpool lane. Multiple riders in cars reduces the traffic on busy highways like the ones in Queens and NYS. The vehicles in the carpool lane save time by bypassing the heaviest traffic. Most rush hour drivers are solo drivers. Since there are few vehicles with multiple passengers, especially during rush hour, the carpool lane is less congested. It is a good deal, as carpoolers save time and have a less stressful commute. In return there is less traffic, especially during rush hour. Those drivers who enter the carpool lane without the required number of people are subject to a carpool lane violation ticket.

How can My Tickets NYC Help if you Receive a Carpool Lane Violation in Queens or NYS?

In the past, the attorneys at My Tickets NYC have been able to reduce and, in some cases, eliminate the ticket for a carpool lane violation in Queens, as well as NYS. The fines were reduced or, in some cases, eliminated which also avoided insurance hikes. To retain an attorney or have a free case consultation from My Tickets NYC regarding your carpool Lane violation in Queens or NYS call 917-426-2WIN (2946) or fill out the e-mail form – they can help!