If you have received a ticket the wise move is to fight it – we can help!

Why Fight a Ticket in Queens or NY?

Many Queens and NY residents feel that they cannot fight a ticket and win. Others feel that it just is not worth the time it takes to fight a ticket. Additionally, many in Queens and NY, unfortunately, take a short-term view on their ticket, thinking “It is only one ticket and a couple of points… I’ll just plead guilty, pay the fine and be done with it. It is just too big of a hassle to fight it.” My Tickets NYC is here to help you fight and win when you receive a ticket.

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What Are the Long-Term Consequences of Not Fight a Ticket in Queens or Anywhere in NYS?

You may have a relatively minor speeding ticket that is 3 points. You live in Queens, work in Manhattan and just don’t have the time to fight a ticket, so you plead guilty and get on with your life. Then you are driving and receive a very important call that you pick up, and a police officer pulls you over. Just then your child unbuckles themselves from their seat. You get a 5-point ticket for driving while using a cell phone and a 3-point ticket for a child restraint violation. Add in your 3-point speeding ticket and you are at 11 points. You are in a position to lose your license, receive a significant Driver’s Responsibility Assessment from NYS, and when you do get your license back your insurance will be through the roof. The cold hard truth of the matter is this:

“The Time to Clean Up Your License is Before You Need To.”

A couple of points do not sound like a lot until they are too many! My Tickets NYC can handle all aspects of fight a ticket while you go to work or proceed with your life normally. They have an exceptional track record of fighting and winning for their clients. They highly recommend that you use them to fight a ticket. This way, if you need them one day for a very serious situation, they have maximum flexibility to develop a solution that has the minimum impact on your life and pocketbook.

When I got pulled over for using a cell phone while driving, I feared the worst…. points, fine, and rising insurance rates. Thanks to My Tickets NYC and their team, I can sleep peacefully again. For a great price it was all taken care of and I didn’t have to pay any other fees, appear in court, or get involved in the legal details and arguments. They monitored the progress of the case and made sure no harm was done. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs legal assistance!”

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My Tickets NYC Provides Four Benefits to Queens & NYS Drivers When They Fight a Ticket

  1. Points – In many cases they have been able to have their client’s ticket dismissed, which prevented points from accumulating on their driving record
  2. Insurance – Having been able to have tickets dismissed, (in many cases) there is no insurance surcharge, which can be substantial and last for three to five years.
  3. Time – My Tickets NYC handles the entire process for you from start to finish. You do not miss work or need to show up in court. They handle everything – you don’t even have to mail in your ticket for a non-guilty plea.
  4. Money – When My Tickets NYC gets a ticket dismissed you do not have to pay fines, surcharges or higher insurance premiums.

If you have received a ticket driving in Queens or NYS call My Tickets NYC at 917-426-2WIN (2946) or complete the e-mail form.