Queens and NY permit drivers receive stiff penalties for receiving a ticket

Queens and NY permit drivers receive stiff penalties for receiving a ticket

Getting a Ticket While On a Driving Permit in Queens or NYS

Getting a ticket while driving with a driver’s permit will have serious consequences in Queens and throughout New York State. If you are found guilty of a serious ticket that carries 3 points or more, or two lesser tickets, your driving privileges will be taken away for 60 days. If you are ticketed again within six months of regaining your driver’s permit you may lose your driving privileges for another 60 days. The same holds true for junior licenses. Please note that individuals with junior licenses cannot drive in NYC until they receive their senior license. Teens in NYC cannot get a junior license. Senior licenses can be obtained at 18 unless the individual completes a certified driver’s education course and has their certificate. These drivers can receive their senior license and drive in NYC at 17.

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Can I Lose My Driving Permit If I Get a Ticket?

All new drivers will be on probation for the first six months they have their license. If convicted of speeding, reckless driving, following too closely, participating in a speed contest (racing), or two other traffic violations they will have their license suspended for 60 days. When they receive their license back, these drivers will be on probation for an additional 60 days.

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What Are The Consequences of Getting a Ticket While On a Driving Permit in Queens and NYS?

The consequences of getting a ticket while on your driver’s permit in Queens or elsewhere in New York will depend upon what type of ticket you receive. In addition to the suspension of your permit as mentioned above, the driver will face whatever fines, surcharges, assessments and increases in insurance that normally come with the infraction. Please note that most insurance companies will severely increase your rates if a driver has their driving permit revoked due to tickets. These increases will last for three to five years.

Can My Tickets NYC Help If I Get a Ticket in Queens or NY and I am on a Driver’s Permit?

The lawyers at My Tickets NYC have a successful track record in defending individuals that receive a ticket while on their driving permit. If you are in Queens or anywhere in NYS, we can help. No one wants to lose their driving privileges. We will develop the most effective defense to either get the ticket dismissed or at least help you retain your permit. If you have received a ticket in Queens (or NY) while on a driver’s permit contact My Tickets NYC for a no-obligation consultation at 917-426-2WIN (2946) or fill out an e-mail form.