Queens woman getting ticket for unsafe lane change

Queens woman getting ticket for unsafe lane change

Queens Lawyers for Unsafe Lane Change Ticket

Do you need a lawyer to fight a ticket for an unsafe lane change in Queens or NY? Look no more. The attorneys at My Tickets NYC are very talented at defending tickets issued for an unsafe lane change VTL S 1128a. Tickets for an unsafe lane change occur more often than most think. An officer may cite you for changing lanes without using your signal. Or they may ticket you for not staying in your lane/ driving in two lanes on a multi-lane highway. If the officer feels that you are driving in two lanes for too long, they may ticket you. If there is a turn lane and an officer sees you driving in it without making a turn, they can ticket you under the unsafe lane change law. If you are driving in a lane that has official markers indicating that it would be unsafe to cross the markers and drive in the lane, a law enforcement official may ticket you. No matter the reason you received an unsafe lane change ticket our lawyers can help.

Drivers are ticketed if they do not move over for emergency or safety vehicles. Additionally, drivers are required to take all precautions to avoid and drive safely around any construction, emergency or safety vehicles.

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What Are the Points and Fines in Queens & NYS of an Unsafe Lane Change Ticket?

Tickets for an unsafe lane change are 3-point violations. The same is true for tickets for not moving over or for not driving safely around emergency, construction or safety vehicles. The fines for these types of tickets are about $150 for the first offense and they go up for additional convictions within 18 months. Of course, if you have more than 6 points on your license you will receive a 3-year surcharge from NYS and insurance rates can go up for 3-5 years depending upon your driving record and insurance company. For more information on Driver’s Responsibility Assessment Payment (DRAP) click here or for more information on insurance increases click here.

I used My Tickets NYC on two separate occasions and both times received excellent service, and both times they were able to dismiss my tickets. I would definitely recommend anyone who receives a ticket to give them a call and experience the same success.

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My Tickets NYC Helps Queens and NY Drivers Fight Unsafe Lane Change Tickets

The best way to avoid this ticket is to make sure you:

  • Drive in only one lane
  • Signal before you change lanes
  • Do not use turn lanes as passing lanes
  • Move over for safety and emergency vehicles
  • Drive safely when construction, safety or emergency vehicles are on the side of the road.

Having said this we know that good people get tickets, and we are here to defend you with the goal of getting the ticket dismissed. In severe instances where that is impossible, we aim to reduce the ticket to a less severe infraction that carries less points and fines. We have a strong track record of being able to achieve these results. In addition to saving you money and points, My Tickets NYC saves you the time and hassle of going to court. We handle everything, and you do not have to miss work. For a no-obligation consultation with our lawyers to discuss your unsafe lane change ticket in Queens or NY, call 917–426-2WIN (2946) or complete the e-mail form.