Monroe is a small coastal town that New Yorkers run to for summer vacations. It’s an ideal, quaint town with just under 10,000 residents. With small towns such as this, it’s not uncommon for cops to hand idle vacations a ticket for running a red light. However, if you feel that your red light ticket in Monroe, NY is unfounded, there is no harm in trying to fight this claim.

Red Light Ticket

People are naturally hesitant about contacting a lawyer for small traffic violations like this. However, there are serious repercussions to this minor incident, that will only increase with each “minor” fault. Instead, a quick ten minute phone call with My Ticket NYC can save you from all that trouble. For now, here’s what you need to know about driving in Monroe, NY.


Red Light Camera Tickets and Yellow Lights

More and more, red light cameras are the dominating cause for a red light ticket in Monroe, NY. You won’t know it until it finds its way into your mailbox. It seems unavoidable, but that revelation is far from the truth. It’s all in the writing. According to Driving Laws, in New York, “a red light camera ticket is $50, and the conviction won’t go on the driver’s record or affect insurance premiums.” That’s because there is no solid way to prove these claims.

Also, if a police officer pulls you over after you pass under a yellow light, they might be in the wrong. The meaning of a yellow light in New York acts as a warning of an impending red light. You are not violating the law if you pass within the intersection while the light is still yellow, even if it switches to red before you fully cross. Likewise, the yellow light must remain on for 3 seconds in the state of New York.

Fines and Penalties For Running Red Light 

Fines always depend on the situation at hand. Running a red light can mean something as simple as a $50 fine or it can evolve to a case of reckless driving. Generally speaking, running a red light in Monroe, NY will be just enough to issue three demerit points on your driving record. 

For places like Monroe Village, these are the types of fines you will be subject to pay:

  • 50-100 for the first offense
  • $100-$200 for the second offense in 18 months
  • $250-$400 for the third offense in 18 months

And remember, fighting this traffic charge does not always mean you will need to come back to appear in court. With the right red light ticket attorney like My Ticket  NYC, we will fight the charges so that you don’t accrue points or your license or pay any fines.

How To Fight Your Red Light Ticket in Monroe, NY

The only wait to fight these red light ticket is through the aid of a red light ticket attorney. At My Ticket NYC, we have the tools and the information you will need to get out of your red light violation. 

Based in Queens for NYC’s best traffic ticket lawyers today. We can help relieve you of your problems at 917-426-2WIN (2946) or complete the e-mail form.


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