If you have Multiple Speeding Tickets in NY, your first thought isn’t usually to hire a speeding ticket attorney. But there are a few circumstances where hiring a ticket lawyer could save you money, your job and jail time.

A speeding ticket attorney simply knows the ropes. They specialize in traffic law and know your rights. In some cases, My Tickets NYC’s team of attorneys have been able to reduce speeding tickets that carry up to 11 points and a license suspension to a 2point failure to obey a traffic device. 

That’s a major win.

If you’re still not sure whether hiring an attorney for your speeding ticket in New York is the right move for you, consider these three reasons before you pay off your fines:

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1.  You Have Multiple Speeding Tickets

Your first speeding ticket is usually not a big deal. You think you’ll simply pay the fine, take a few points on your license and vow to never speed again.

But if you get pulled over again because you were following the “flow of traffic,” you’re going to be hit with bigger repercussions.  Demerit Points from the first and second speeding tickets, if received within 18 months, will be combined. If you reach a minimum of 6 points within that 18month period, you will have to pay a driver’s responsibility assessment (DRA) fee. The DRA for the 6 points is $300 (or $100 per year for three years)plus $75  (or $25 per year for three years) for each point above 6 points.

While jail time for speeding tickets is relatively rare, it’s not unheard of. You could spend up to a month in jail if you are going 40 miles over the speed limit—especially if you have multiple offenses. This is when a speeding ticket attorney in New York could work to get you a less severe citation.

2. You’re About to Lose Your Driver’s License

According to New York StateLaw, “ If you commit three speeding and/or misdemeanor traffic violations within 18 months, your license will be revoked for at least six months.”

Here are some factors that determine if a license will be suspended or revoked. You might lose your driver’s license for the following reasons:

  • Your record shows 3 or more speeding tickets within an 18-month period
  • You have 11 or more points on your license
  • Failure to show up in court for your speeding ticket
  • You failed to pay your speeding ticket

In any of these cases, hiring a lawyer could be in your best interest, especially if you drive for work.

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3. Get Your Citation Dismissed

If you feel like your speeding ticket is unjustified, the only real way to win your case is to work with a speeding ticket attorney. Some examples of when you might be able to get your speeding ticket dismissed are:

  • Speeding sign was obscured
  • You were following speed restrictions despite conditions
  • You have a clean driving record

How to Get in Touch with a Speeding Ticket Attorney in New York

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