If you want to fight a traffic citation, you will need to plead “not guilty” on the New York DMV “Plead and Pay” website. Your case will be heard by New York’s Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB). It will then be decided upon by a judge at your court hearing. However, you may find that you need to reschedule the traffic court date.

Traffic Court Date

Reasons for this always vary. Typically these are done due to personal restrictions (your job, children, school, etc.). Although some people try to escape this responsibility in hopes that their case will be dropped. Your case could be dismissed if the police officer doesn’t show up to court more than once. You could be diligent and hire a New York traffic ticket lawyer.

Just how many times can you actually reschedule this court date? My Tickets NYC breaks down everything you need to be aware of before your court date.

How Do I Know When My Traffic Court Date Is?

When you decide to plead not guilty you’ll need to set a court date on New York’s DMV website. In more serious circumstances (i.e. risk of license suspension), you may have go directly to the TVB office to plead your charge.

You can select your own court date and time on the website. You cannot plea until your ticket is entered into the NY DMV database, which can take days. This gives you time to contemplate the best time for your court date. Once you select the time and date, you should receive an email confirmation. You will also receive a Notice of Hearing in the mail.

What If I Can’t Make My Traffic Court Date?

Rescheduling your traffic court date is called an adjournment or a continuance. If you can’t make your court appearance, you can reschedule once on the DMV website at least 10 days before your hearing. You will have to revisit the TVB office for your first adjournment if you initially pleaded not guilty there. This must be done one day before your hearing.

If you have already rescheduled once, then you need to contact the traffic ticket court clerk with reasoning for your new date at least a day ahead of time. They may grant or deny your request depending on individual circumstances. If you simply ignore the ticket, your license may be suspended and they may even issue an arrest warrant.

Missing your court date by forgetting or being late automatically grants the court permission to find you guilty because you didn’t provide evidence for your case. This is when a New York traffic ticket lawyer will come in handy. Likewise, by enlisting the help of a lawyer preemptively, you may be able to have your case closed without having to appear in court at all.

How To Reschedule My Traffic Court Date

You can reschedule your traffic court date by visiting the same website listed above. You can only do this once before you will be required to submit for rescheduling in person or on the phone to the court clerk. It may also require you to pay a $40 bond.

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