How to Avoid Traffic Violations: Safe Driving Tips

Making sense of the busy streets of New York City can take some time. It can take years for some motorists to build the skill, patience and knowledge needed to navigate NYC traffic confidently. However, this doesn’t mean breaking traffic laws is inevitable when you’re used to driving around the city. By learning the rules, staying alert, paying attention to signs and speed limits, parking sensibly, communicating effectively and avoiding tailgating, you can avoid traffic violations, fines, and penalties as well as accidents. 

Learn the Rules

Try to get familiar with the city’s traffic laws and regulations. Read up on things like parking restrictions, right-of-way rules and speed limits. If you do have an accident or unwittingly break the law, you won’t be able to use a lack of knowledge as an excuse. It’s best to spend time learning the rules of the road before driving around the city. 

How to Avoid Traffic Violations

Remain Alert and Focused

Stay alert and focused at all times while you’re driving through the city. Big cities like NYC are full of distractions, so don’t add to them by using your phone, eating, or adjusting your radio when you’re behind the wheel. Always ensure your eyes are firmly on the road and your hands are on the wheel to reduce the chances of accidents and traffic violations. 

Pay Attention to Signs and Signals

Never ignore traffic signs and signals, as they are there to keep you, other motorists, and pedestrians safe. Obey stop signs, traffic lights, yield signs, and any other instructions you encounter on the road to avoid fines, penalties, and accidents.

Use Turn Signals

Always use turn signals when necessary so other drivers know what you’re about to do. Signalling ensures fellow motorists know when you’re changing lanes, pulling over or turning so collisions can be avoided. 

Don’t Tailgate

Tailgating is dangerous and illegal. Make sure you’re maintaining a safe following distance between your vehicle and the one in front so you’ve got enough time to react to traffic flow changes and sudden stops. 

Be Mindful of Your Speed

Speeding is the biggest reason motorists get fines and other penalties in New York. Always stick to speed limits and cut your speed if conditions are poor. It’s always best to get to your destination a little later than planned than to get a ticket or cause an accident. 

Park Sensibly 

It can be tough to get a good parking spot in NYC, but that doesn’t mean you should park illegally. Only ever park in a designated spot. Parking your vehicle illegally can get you fined and can also cause congestion, which is very frustrating for other drivers. 

Have You Received an Unfair Ticket?

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