The last thing that anyone has time (or money) for is a speeding ticket. Despite our best efforts, most people tend to raise their speedometer over the speeding limit just a little bit. Whether you were going two miles over or fifteen, any violation of the speed limit sign gives cause for a speeding ticket.

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A traffic ticket attorney is key in helping you get out of a speeding ticket, and before you think about court expenses, you want to call My Tickets NYC, for a free consultation. Here are some key facts you need to know about how to get out of a speeding ticket:

Types of Speed Limits

It’s important to understand the types of speed limits before we can discuss how to get out of a speeding ticket. Most states use the same basic principles when it comes to the types of speed limits, but you can ask your criminal ticket attorney for specific information.

Absolute: An absolute speeding ticket is plain and simple: you were speeding. If the sign limit says 55 mph and you were going 56, a police officer retains the right to issue a speeding ticket. You can fight this by saying there was an emergency, but it will be up to the officer whether or not to pursue the violation.

Presumed: A presumed speeding ticket works in direct reflection of the road’s conditions at the time. If you were speeding during a rainstorm, in heavy traffic, or in a construction area, an officer can pull you over on the presumption that you were driving above the speed limit.

Basic:A basic speeding ticket also refers to the conditions at the time. Even if you were driving at or even below the speed limit, the basic speed law prohibits drivers from driving recklessly during unsafe conditions. This can be in reference to the weather or the traffic.

How To Avoid A Speeding Ticket

You can always choose to mitigate your speeding ticket. This is done at the court’s discretion and involves a pretrial conference with the prosecution. It would be handy to have a traffic ticket attorney lawyer by your side during these proceedings. They can help coordinate your case to help you reduce your speeding ticket.

During the mitigation process, the court will determine whether or not your speeding ticket qualifies for a reduction. Come to court prepared with proof to support your need for leniency. If they rule in your favor, they may lower the speeding ticket costs, offer a payment plan system, and you might not even have to take the driving test or take points on your license.

How To Fight Your Speeding Ticket

Unsurprisingly, most people who get a speeding ticket don’t try to fight it. However, if you feel very strongly that you were not in the wrong and want to dispute your traffic ticket points and fees altogether, you will need evidence to support your claim. Here is what you will need to gather:

Witnesses: If someone was in the car with you at the time you were pulled over, have them come into court to back you up on your claim that you were not speeding.

GPS Data: Most smartphone devices keep track of your GPS data. Your phone should be able to prove that you were actually sticking to the required legal limit.

Blocked Speed Limit Signs: If you can get photo evidence that a speed limit sign has been obstructed, it can help you fight your ticket.

Radar Check: Most people aren’t aware that you can ask the police officer to show you their radar read. People usually accept the ticket with no questions asked. While in fact, it’s actually difficult for a police officer to get a good read while moving or if there are other cars within close proximities.

Ticket Mistakes: Any discrepancies on your ticket can force the courts to forgo your ticket. A street address error or a typo can both help you get out of a speeding ticket. Review the ticket for mistakes while the officer is still on the scene.

Talk To A Traffic Ticket Attorney Lawyer

A criminal ticket attorney will be useful if an inexperienced police officer issues you a ticket. It’s also advisable to consult a traffic ticket attorney so they can study the specific language within the statute that they can use to fight your speeding ticket. And the best part is the consultation is free. Call My Tickets NYC, Queens for NYC’s best traffic ticket lawyers today.

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