A NY Commercial Drivers License is needed by anyone who plans to operate a heavy vehicle or is transporting passengers. Possessing a CDL means you have been trusted with more responsibilities than those with a standard driver’s license. Any deviation from the rules of the road could cost you your job.

Before you get your CDL, there are a few things you should be wary of. With each rule that is embedded with your license comes strict penalties. This is why you might want to talk to a CDL trucking ticket lawyer about getting your license. They’ll be able to layout the exact precautions you need to take and what you’ll need to do if you’re ever issued a citation on the job.

Things You Should Know About NY Commercial Drivers License

Because you’re trusted to handle a commercial-grade vehicle (or carry passengers), the rules tied to your CDL are absolute. 


Some of these are pretty standard while others relate to your knowledge as a commercial driver. For example, you must keep updated logbooks of your driving. You must have the proper permits for any overweight loads, and you must adhere to any grade restriction.

On top of that speeding, following too closely and driving under the influence can result in a suspension or complete disqualification of your NY Commercial Drivers License. 


Commercial drivers are required to report all traffic violations to their employer and the DMV. This is true even if your violation is issued while driving your standard grade vehicle or while out of state. 

The penalties will vary depending on the severity of your violation. You should take some time to review the difference between major and traffic violations with your CDL.

According to one source, “Having two serious traffic offenses in three years will result in a 60-day revocation. Having three serious traffic offenses in three years will result in a 120-day revocation.”

How to Get Your NY Commercial Drivers License

In New York, drivers are required to be at least 18 years old to receive this license. You must already have a non-CDL license in the state of New York before you begin this process. 

This allows you to obtain your commercial driver’s permit (CLP). The fees in New York for this license are about $55 and you are required to take a written test at the DMV. You must wait at least 14 days after your CLP has been issued to schedule an appointment for your road test.

The CDL road test covers skills such as brake checks and pre-trip vehicle inspection. These tests have proven to be difficult for drivers. It’s not uncommon to fail on the first try. Practicing your skills and committing CDL rules to memory is imperative to past this driving exam. 

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Why You Should Talk To A CDL Trucking Ticket Lawyer First

As a commercial driver, your expectations for being a safe driver supersede those of standard drivers. Because of this, you will face more scrutiny and observation by police officers while on the road. 

We recommend speaking to one of our trucking ticket lawyers first just as a precaution. Our team can walk you through your rights if you get pulled over while operating a commercial vehicle. We can also advise you on the best ways to avoid getting pulled over and what to do in worst-case scenarios. 

To be safe, why don’t you contact My Tickets NYC today for a free consultation? You can call or text a picture of your ticket to 917-426-2WIN (2946), or email it to info@myticketsnyc.com 


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