When it comes to getting nabbed speeding it’s important to understand the entire situation. The experienced attorneys at MyTicketsNYC can help you navigate the frustrating experience of fighting a speeding ticket. Their years of experience with traffic cases and courtrooms can drastically change the outcome of your case.

Nabbed For Speeding: What’s at Stake?

speeding tickets in New YorkDid you know that there are different ways NY police officers determine if a driver was speeding? Understanding these methods and their limitations is one of the ways in which our attorneys are able to fight speeding tickets in New York so effectively.

Techniques: Radar

Many people are familiar with the use of radar. They’re also familiar with the panic one might have when you pass a police car and see the bulky radar gun aimed your way. These devices send out radio waves that bounce off of the vehicle. The device then measures their return frequency, which calculates the speed of the car. Radar guns don’t have to be precisely aimed at a single vehicle. Radar detectors can help warn drivers if radar is being used in the vicinity.

Techniques: LIDAR

LIDAR is a similar method, but instead of using radio waves, LIDAR devices send out a laser. The speed at which the light is reflected back is used to determine the speed of the vehicle. In the case of LIDAR, the officer must aim at one particular vehicle. Radar detectors do not detect LIDAR, and even specialized LIDAR detectors are inefficient and rarely warn drivers until they’re Nabbed for Speeding.

Techniques: Aircraft

Aircraft are used by police officers to determine speeding in another way. The officer in the aircraft identifies a vehicle, then measures the time it takes to make it from one point to another.  He’ll then notify a ground unit in the area to intercept the speeder.

Techniques: Pacing

The simplest method, technologically speaking, that officers use to catch speeders is called pacing. Pacing occurs when an officer simply drives close to your vehicle at a constant speed to “pace” it—i.e. to determine your speed by matching it himself.

Attorneys have specialized knowledge of these procedures. It including training officers must undergo to use them effectively, policies on how they must be used, and laws and regulations. Your attorney in a traffic ticket case can use this knowledge to negotiate lower fines or penalties. They can defend you in court and have the ticket dropped altogether. They’ll know what questions to pose, and what limitations and vulnerabilities each of these methods have when it comes to accurately measuring speed—and that can be a huge help when it comes to fighting a ticket.

If you’re facing down a speeding ticket, contact My Tickets NYC. With over two decades of legal experience and countless successful cases to draw from, you’re assured the best potential outcome for your case. There’s no risk! Contact us today with any questions or to receive a completely free case evaluation.

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