Most people bite the bullet when they receive speeding ticket fines and simply pay it off. However, depending on your situation, you may need to contact an Ulster County traffic ticket lawyer. Almost 75% of tickets written in Ulster County are speeding tickets. The minute that you pay your speeding ticket, you are submitting an admission of guilt, which can start a downwards spiral for your driving record.

In other words, paying a simple traffic ticket does more damage than most people realize.

 Speeding Ticket

My Tickets NYC work with locals and guests travellers to waive off speeding tickets to avoid these obstacles altogether. So before you decide to plead guilty and pay your speeding ticket, here is an outline of everything you need to know:

Speeding Ticket Fines

In the state of New York, a speeding ticket fine varies depending on how many previous infractions you have already garnered. You can check out our full chart here, but essentially, a speeding ticket starts off at a minimum fine of $90 and can exceed $600. It can also land you up to two weeks of jail time if you have already paid off multiple surcharges in a short timeframe.

Your insurance rates are also likely to increase from just one of these offenses. An analysis conduced by Car claims that your rates can increase by hundreds of dollars each year from a single ticket. Their break down for the state of New York is as follows:

Over 11-16 MPH: $146 annual increase or 12%

16 MPH or Over: $219 annual increase or 18%

Speeding Ticket Points

The common misassumption when it comes to points on your license is that they can be avoided by taking a safe driving school course. Unfortunately, if you speak to any Ulster County traffic ticket lawyer, they’ll tell you this isn’t true. The New York DMV specifically says that,

“Completion of a course under the “Point & Insurance Reduction Program” does not remove, delete, subtract, or erase any violation, conviction, or notice of original number of points from your driving record.”

By pleading guilty to these speeding ticket fines, you are losing money forthright and the speeding offense will still show up on your record. This means that you’ll also lose more money from your elevated car insurance rates.

Your car insurance rate will no sooner go down with course completion than your points will. These courses will give you an extra few points for the time being, but ultimately all they are doing is causing you more money upfront.

Why You May Need an Ulster County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

As mentioned, speeding ticket fines may seem like your typical slap on the wrist, but with excessive infractions, the fines will end up costing you more than double what is actually written on the ticket. On top of paying off the formal ticket amount, you will have to pay for schooling and the annual cost for insurance effects.

My Tickets NYC understands that dealing with traffic citations can be tricky, time-consuming, and expensive. That’s why we try to supply New Yorkers with as much information as possible. If you can’t get yourself out of a speeding ticket, then you more than likely need an experienced Ulster County traffic ticket lawyer to help fill in the gaps to expunge your ticket.

A quick ten minute phone call will be worth it do avoid these fees, points, and potential jail time.

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