Upstate New York is a great place but then you got a Speeding Ticket in NY Catskills. The last thing you’d expect is to get a speeding ticket but these things happen. Police officers are a bit more strict about administrating traffic tickets in these rural streets, so it’s important to stay vigilant. You may not be familiar with the area, but it’s always safe to assume that there is a watchful officer just around every corner.

Speeding Ticket

It’s always best to practice safe driving techniques, especially in vacation areas. However, if you are aware that you had not been speeding, or could not see the speed limit due to a signage block and you wish to fight your speeding ticket, contact My Tickets NYC. A speeding ticket attorney who dominates traffic claims in places like Queens and NYC will be able to help you fight your ticket from the New York Catskills.

Traffic Summons

As with any standard speeding ticket in NY, the first thing you will have to wait for is your traffic summons. This should come to your driver’s license address within a short period of time. You will need to send in your plea of guilty or not guilty before the listing summons date on your summons.

Don’t be so quick to sign up for a guilty plea. The fines in the Catskills can be steep, and you don’t want to put points on your license. If you are at least contemplating fighting this ticket, contact My Ticket NYC for a free consultation and information about the next steps.

First Time Offense For Speeding Ticket in NY Catskills

If you have never been given a speeding ticket in NY, then you will be blown away by the small claims fee for a ticket in Catskills. Here is a breakdown of the fines and points you will face:

10 mph or less

  • Minimum fine of $45 with a maximum fine of $150. That doesn’t include the $80-90 surcharge fee and the 3 points on your license.

11-30 mph

  • Minimum fine of $90 with a maximum fine of $300. Surcharge fees can reach up to $93 and you may face 4-6 points on your license and 30 days imprisonment.

31 mph or over

  • Minimum fine of $180 with a maximum fine of $600. Surcharge fees can reach up to $93 and you may face 8-11 points on your license and 30 days imprisonment.

Consider Hiring A Speeding Ticket Attorney

A speeding ticket attorney will actually save you money on your speeding ticket in NY. Don’t tarnish your Catskills memories from the minor inditement. Fighting these types of tickets are not as complex as they appear.

A quick ten minute phone call will be worth it do avoid these fees, point, and potential jail time.

Call My Tickets NYC NYC, Queens for NYC’s best traffic ticket lawyers today. We can help relieve you of your problems at 917-426-2WIN (2946) or complete the e-mail form.


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