Receiving a Traffic Violation Ticket In New York can range from a minor fine to a felony offense. You may have your reasons for the infraction, or you may be 100% innocent. What matters is that at some point or another, you’ve thought about fighting the Traffic Violation Ticket.

Traffic Violation Ticket

So when are your best chances of fighting a traffic violation ticket in New York? My Tickets NYC gives you the following information to consider for the next time you think you have been inadequately issued a traffic citation.

What is a Traffic Violation in New York?

Any traffic offense that is not considered a misdemeanor or a felony is therefore a violation. This can be anything from misuse of the carpool lane to reckless driving. The severity of each case will determine the amount of your traffic ticket violation in New York.

Speeding is one traffic violation that many people don’t consider hiring a New York traffic violations attorney for, however, keep in mind that the amount in which you were speeding will affect the punishment. Speeding 1-10 miles over the speed limit will earn you three points on your license and up to a $150 fine. But speeding over 30 mph over the legal limit will cost you up to $600, 11 points on your license, license suspension and even a month in jail.

When You Should Absolutely Fight Your Traffic Violation Ticket

Most people choose not to fight traffic tickets because they’re a hassle and cost time and money. However, there are circumstances when you absolutely should fight your traffic ticket:

  • The speed limit sign was obscured or blocked 
  • If you pass under a yellow light and you receive a red light ticket
  • You left your license at home and you got ticketed for driving without a license
  • If you are at risk of going to jail or losing hundreds of dollars

There are more defenses against traffic violations that the general public is aware of. Our lawyers will be able to guide you in the right direction in both small and severe cases.

How a New York Traffic Violations Attorney Can Help

The reason for hiring an attorney is simple: they can help. Whether we are working to reduce the fees of your traffic violation ticket in New York or we are gathering evidence to dismiss the case altogether, hiring a lawyer will be the best bang for your buck. A judge is more likely to rule in your favor if you have a New York traffic violation attorney by your side. We know the ins and outs of the law and can direct you on the best path for fighting your traffic violation ticket.

So, should you fight your traffic ticket? Call or text a copy of your traffic ticket(s) to My Tickets NYC at 917-426-2WIN (2946). Or complete the e-mail form. My Tickets NYC covers cases in the 5 boroughs, Upstate NY, Long Island and New Jersey. Contact My Tickets NYC for a FREE consultation.