You can pay a speeding ticket online in most New York jurisdictions. Once you are issued the ticket, you will have to wait a day or so before the ticket number will be available on the New York DMV website. Most people opt to automatically pay the fine and either register for driving school or take the points on their license.

Speeding Ticket Online

While this is certainly the easiest route, you can always choose to talk to a speeding traffic tickets attorney. At My Ticket NYC, we handle traffic and speeding violations in the city and in Queens. So while you’re online finding a way to pay your speeding ticket online, consider these other factors.

How To Respond To Your Speeding Ticket

According to the New York DMV, there are a few ways to plead your speeding ticket. With your New York City TVB (Tickets Violation Bureau), you can choose to either:

  1. Plead ‘Guilty’ and pay tickets answerable to TVB 
  2. Plead ‘Not Guilty’ and schedule a TVB hearing over the phone or in a TVB office 
  3. Pay tickets with a guilty decision
  4. Change an earlier ‘Not Guilty’ plea to a ‘Guilty’ for tickets that do not require your appearance 
  5. Re-schedule a ‘Not Guilty’ hearing (one time) 
  6. Request to be notified by email when your traffic ticket has been entered into our system 
  7. Request TVB schedule or re-schedule your tickets if no dates are available

You can respond to your ticket online as well.

Fees For Speeding Ticket in New York

The fees for a speeding ticket can be detrimental if you already have points on your license. In fact, if you have more than 6, you automatically have to pay an annual $100 surcharge fee for up to three years. In addition to these fees, you will also get points on your license and possibly jail time. That’s why it is so important to consult a speeding traffic tickets attorney first. They can guide you in the right direction, even if that ultimately leads you back to paying your speeding ticket online.

Here is the full scope of the fees for a speeding ticket in New York:

Speeding ticket Points Fines Possible Jail time
1-10 miles over speed limit 3 $90 – $150 Up to 15 days
11-20 miles over speed limit 4 $180 – $300 Up to 15 days
21-30 miles over speed limit 6 $180 – $300 Up to 15 days
31-40 miles over speed limit 8 $360 – $600 Up to 30 days
Over 40 miles over speed limit 11 $360 – $600 Up to 30 days
Going too fast for conditions 3 $45-$150  

How To Pay A Speeding Ticket Online

If you have decided to just pay your ticket and accept the penalties, here is what you will need to do:

  1. Have your TVB handy; You will need the traffic ticket number that will appear on your stub.
  2. Get out your New York State license, permit, or non-driver ID for the DMV number and enter it in.
  3. Sign in to the DMV database
  4. Find your “unresolved” ticket and follow the instructions.
  5. Plead your case.

If you decide to plead “Not Guilty” on your online form, the New York DMV will send you a Notice of Hearing. You will want to speak to an experienced New York lawyer about what comes next if you decide not to pay a speeding ticket online.

Why You Should Consult A Speeding Traffic Tickets Attorney

Your first points and speeding ticket fines may not seem like a big deal, but if you find yourself in this situation a second time, it’s time to talk to an attorney. On top of fines and jail time, multiple speeding violations will increase your insurance premiums, making your one-time mistake a consistent hassle.

Call My Tickets NYC, Queens for NYC’s best speeding ticket lawyers today. We can help relieve you of your problems at 917-426-2WIN (2946).


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